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Sun Powered DC Pool Pumps Run Energy Free All Day Long.....

Complete Systems


Complete systems and easy installation or we can add installation of the system.  Not on Roof,  we cover the pump and filter for a efficient system.

Duel Pump Setup


Our System runs in Parallel to your AC pump so you have a true dual system.

Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credit of 30%


AZ State Tax Credit


25% up to max of $1000.

Sun Power Pool Pumps


If the Sun is up your pool is running for free.

How does the Sun Power my Pool?

Video of working Pool running on Solar

Free Power

As long as the Sun Shines my pool will be cleaning itself ... Turns on and off with the Sun

Pump and Filter Solar Shade

How we can install over your filter and pump the solar panels in an easy and strong cover.

Sun Pumps

Running the pool by Sun Power

How Big is My Pool...

Find out how we calculate the solar needs of your pool.  We can determine how big a DC motor you need and the number of panels. Just answer depth, length and width to find out.

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